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    Ruddington Village Market

    Ruddington Village Market

    First Saturday of the month, February - December

    When RVCP first started, we wanted to create a sustainable, regular event that brought people back to the heart of our village, and provided new opportunities for local people. Ruddington Village Market delivers on many of our key aims:

    • to galvanise the community through volunteering to improve wellbeing, and foster a sense of pride and ownership in the prosperity of our area
    • provide a focal point for friends and neighbours to reconnect
    • provide a space for Ruddington indies to grow their businesses
    • through a non-profit model, generate funds to reinvest into further initiatives that benefit the community
    • deliver a sustainable event that is environmentally conscious

    Starting life with only 15 stalls in a pub car park in February 2019, Ruddington Village Market is now the largest and most successful of its kind in the county, with over 70 independent stalls, visitors from all over the region, winning multiple awards, and spawning a number of sister events, including Makers Night and Street Food Summer Social. It has gained an amazing crew of fantastic volunteers from all walks of life, provided a monthly event for friends and family to catch up. given a whole new space for Ruddingon businesses to grow, and generated funds through our non-profit model that have enabled many of our other projects.


    To find out more about Ruddington Village Market, visit the website.

    Ruddington Awards

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    Young Entrepreneurs

    Developing skills, capacities and capabilities for the future

    Our Young Entrepreneurs Programme demonstrates many key themes within our core values, including working together in parternship with other organisations within our community, and creating local, sustainable opportunities for improved wellbeing. The initiative is a joint venture between RVCP, Ruddington Village Market, and a number of independent Ruddington businesses who give their time and experience for free, offering a 6-month coaching and mentoring programme for young people aged 16-30 from Nottinghamshire that are wanting to start out in the world of markets. Currently running in two cycles per year, RVCP and our partners deliver a training programme that provides young people with the skills they need to lauch their market stall idea, from branding, accounting and business fundamentals, to stock management, display and social media. Candidates receive up to two months of coaching, followed by a shadowing session with an experienced stallholder, and culminating in a fully supported and subsidised four month run at the market.


    Find out more about our Young Entrepreneurs Programme here.


    Plastic Free Community

    Inkeeping with our sustainability values, RVCP is working towards Ruddington achieving Plastic Free status, a scheme led by marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage, which champions a network of communities across the UK tackling the problems of throw away plastic. We have held Plastic Free markets, and also carried out Litter Picks in our Village to work towards the accreditation. We are keen to support projects that recycle, re-use, and reduce waste, and am happy to consider any village initiatives that will enhance these for the benefit of all.

    Voice of the Village

    A study of the economic future of Ruddington

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    Traders Meetings

    Working together for a thriving village

    One of our best initiatives was to find ways that our High Street traders can work closer together. Using monthly meetings, email groups and Whatsapp there is regular communication between all our Ruddington businesses. We have found this not only useful to communicate our projects, creating opportunities for those businesses to join in eg Fiver Fest, but it has also enabled a community to help each other out eg an alarm is going off, a customer has lost a wallet, does anyone need some extra shelving? As they say, its the little things that count, and the Traders Group have found they are stronger together. The committee members of RVCP who have retail businesses lead and organise the traders meetings. To see some of our past initiatives, check out our blogs.

    Village Improvement Scheme

    The Future is Local

    Ruddington is our Village at the heart of our community, and we want to ensure that our visitors love it just as much as we do. Our Improvement Scheme is an initiative being driven by our Traders Sub-Group to make small changes that make our High Street more beautiful, more enjoyable, and more er.. village-y. Each of the ideas the Traders have raised, are being worked through, some of which you can see, the new signage at Rushcliffe Country Park, installation of more bike racks, and many that are still being designed, reviewed for funding and in the development stage.



    Cycling in Ruddington

    Sustainable transport

    One of our initiatives is the addition of more Bike Racks within Ruddington. The Traders Sub-group identified that when cyclists came to the village, they had nowhere to park their bikes and would pile them up on a nearby wall. The application for more bike racks is also in keeping with the Neighbourhood Plan. It has been agreed with the Parish Council for 6 on the High Street/Church Street and 4 on the Village Green. We are hoping this will encourage more people to cycle rather than drive into Ruddington, and is completely in line with our drive for Less Carbon emissions, Keeping Fit and enjoying the outside, as well as helping with the lack of car parking spaces within the centre. We would like to see specific cycle routes designated, and would be a great link to have with Rushcliffe County Park, but we need the infrastructure in place, before we go to the next stages. Our plans are now with Nottingham City Council for approval.

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