• Our values


    Our values are founded on community and partnership. We recognise that everyone from our community has a role to play in the success of our village.

    From residents young and old, to businesses, councillors, schools and faith leaders, we believe that we are all stakeholders in the prosperity of our neighbourhood. By encouraging an ethos of co-operation, we support a shared goal to develop a vibrant, prosperous village, where a confident and active community works together to foster opportunities for improving the wellbeing of all those who live and work in Ruddington.
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    Community togetherness

    We believe that everyone in Ruddington has a stake in the prosperity of our village. From residents, businesses and local authorities, to faith organisations, schools and interest groups, we strive to foster a sense of co-operation between all, and champion a common aim to make the neighbourhood in which we live and work a better, more vibrant place to be, where more opportunites are open to everyone. Through active citizenship, our community is stronger, more healthy, prosperous and sustainable.




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    Partnership power

    By working together, we can achieve our aims. We are united in our belief that strong partnerships with local authorities, independent businesses and local interest groups are the best way for everyone in Ruddington to move forward together, to reach our long term goal for a more prosperous, sustainable community that offers greater opportunities and wellbeing for all.






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    Giving time

    The future of our community lies in the hands of those that live and work within it. We believe that the success of our neighbourhood lies in an active, confident and engaged community. By volunteering our time towards our aims, we lead by example. Our initiatives enable and celebrate those who join our cause, no matter how much time they are able to give. We recognise that by giving their time, volunteers grow their self-confidence and improve their wellbeing, whilst also developing an active stake in the future of their village, and a sense of ownership and pride in the place that they live.



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    Loving local

    For us, a proud community is a strong community. We recognise the importance of our vibrant, healthy independent business sector in underpinning that sense of local pride, and it's vital role in local employment. One of our founding aims is to ensure that Ruddington retains its unique identity of small independent businesses, distinctive heritage and local attractions. More than a "shop local" campaign, we take an objective and hollistic view as a voluntary independent community group, seeking to get to the root of the challenges that are faced by our independent high street, with projects that encourage in-village spend and increased footfall, and initiatives that support and grow the visitor economy.




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    Staying sustainable

    Sustainability is at the heart of all our initiatives. For us, sustainability means two things: the long term viability of our projects, and the environmental impact of what we do. Through long term and careful planning, we aim to ensure that our ongoing projects will continue to bring the community together for many years to come, whilst also striving to minimise our environmental impact through initiatives including Plastic Free Communities, and our partnership with Just One Tree.